With work on the so-called Forth Replacement Crossing safely past the point of no return, the Scottish Nationalist government has finally admitted it has no case for building a new bridge. After wasting millions on the project, engineers have halted the corrosion alleged to have Read the rest of this entry »


The Forth replacement crossing scandal continues without proper opposition from any political or campaign group. The two Green MSPs and the ForthRight Alliance, of which I was chair, have apparently given up fighting against this flawed scheme.

The latest development Read the rest of this entry »


TOMORROW the long awaited Bill for a new road crossing of the Forth will be presented to parliament with the likely support of all MSPs except the two Greens.

The government is pressing ahead despite last week’s YouGov poll for Friends of the Earth showing that 57% want the bridge repaired, not replaced. A funding row with Westminster means the government will have to take money from other public transport schemes to pay for what environmentalists say will be yet another subsidised car route. A local residents’ pressure group say the new approach roads will be illegal, as the two access slip roads will be too close together to meet European traffic planning safety rules. On top of all this, the ForthRight Alliance, which is considering a legal challenge, says the engineering and economic case for another bridge is highly dubious, contradictory and worst of all – a colossal waste of public funds on a project which will double traffic CO2 across the Forth. Read the rest of this entry »

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