Lukewarm: Dugdale welcomes Corbyn, but does her party?

AS A RECENT joiner of the Labour Party, I want us to do well in the May elections for the Scottish and Welsh parliaments, London mayor and English local government among others. But witnessing the lukewarm support for the party leader at the recent Scottish Labour conference, I was concerned. Read the rest of this entry »

Bankers running away from businessmen

Bankers fleeing business borrowers

As small businesses report their highest confidence for three years, banks are still refusing to lend. And it’s not just that; the banks’ rules are unfair and “harsh” according to the British Bankers’ Association. Bruce Whitehead reports here for Realbusiness.co.uk

Mr Referendum: but small firms don't back his anti-Europe views

Mr Referendum: but small firms don’t back Farage’s anti-Europe views

WITH A survey showing that a majority of British small firms want to stay in Europe, and Mr Referendum himself on the panel of BBC Question Time, it was odd that Europe didn’t even figure in last week’s edition. Bruce Whitehead wonders why. Read his latest Realbusiness column here:

Indha Adde: al Qaeda protector... and US employee

Indha Adde: al Qaeda protector… and US employee

From GREG PALAST: Every Tuesday, President Obama personally checks off the names of people he wants killed.  George Bush, a bit more squeamish than Obama, never did that; but Mr. Obama felt those decisions were the president’s responsibility: he want[s] to keep his own finger on the trigger,” according to one report.  A tidy, scheduled man, the President only picks his victims once a week, now called “Terror Tuesday.” GREG PALAST reports:

In today’s Scotland on Sunday,

Amber: will BID legal challenge get green lit?

Amber: will BID legal challenge get ‘green lit’?


Bruce Whitehead reports how traders in the Edinburgh seaside town of South Queensferry are taking legal advice on a possible challenge to the Business Improvement District levy, introduced last year. They feel the figure is too high, and many believe the scheme is unfair. Read his report here: Scotland on Sunday

(you can read a fuller version of this story below)

AS STRATHCLYDE Business School reports increased dragon activity in Scotland – start-ups now match those of the top 20 economies – there’s growing disquiet about one key government initiative: Business Improvement Districts. With smaller firms quicker to employ staff in any upturn, the scheme aims to force the pace of economic recovery by Read the rest of this entry »

Queensferry: will BID be the lifeboat the economy needs?

Queensferry: will its BID be the lifeboat the economy needs?

AS FUNDING for lending falters, Bruce Whitehead looks at the latest wheeze being peddled around the country by a coalition of networking enthusiasts – the levy-funded Business Improvement District, or BID. In one Scottish town, its backers confidently claim the venture will bring an extra £0.5m worth of investment, and they’ve enlisted government backing and council sheriff’s officers to enforce it. Whether the town likes it or not. Read Bruce’s latest article for Realbusiness.co.uk here

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Published in the Guardian, Friday 24 May 2013

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