The Queen honours all the wrong people – again

31 December 2012

Illustration by Simon Pemberton

illustration by Simon Pemberton – ta

From The Guardian yesterday:

The breathtaking hubris award is the knighthood for Hector Sants, who was head of the Financial Services Authority before and during the crash, responsible for regulating the City (verdict of MPs on the FSA: “asleep at the wheel”). The new Dame Margaret Beckett is only slightly less horrible, because the Labour party’s first female leader should be more mindful of what her career was for, that is, not being suckered into an elite. The light entertainment award was to Arlene Phillips, the former Strictly Come Dancing judge, although this is probably a swipe at the BBC, who fired Phillips for daring to be middle-aged while female. Danny Boyle, who directed the opening ceremony of the Olympics, declined an honour, which was decent if necessary; had he accepted it, it would have implied he didn’t understand his own work.

Here’s my Guardian CIF comment on the issue:

Honours for the privileged and gifted make no sense. The people who deserve honours are the doctors and nurses who treated my 80-year old mum last week and stabilised her after a nasty broken shoulder. Step forward, Fife NHS, who immobilised her arm after rescuing her from a pavement in Leven; the local GPs in Queensferry who visited her and helped get her medication right; the on-call A&E doctors who admitted her to the Western General for tests when she wasn’t getting better, and who eventually admitted her for surgery next week.

She’s not out of the woods yet, but I would give every gong there is to the teams of kind, hard working and decent people who work for our NHS. There’s none like them in the world, and our politicians, media and business leaders should hang their heads in shame at the mediocre and greedy behaviour for which they reap the lion’s share of the Queen’s so-called honours.


2 Responses to “The Queen honours all the wrong people – again”

  1. juliusbeezer Says:

    Sorry to hear about your mum Bruce. Make sure you get on to the home helps—as I know from bitter personal experience, a broken shoulder can make all kinds of day-to-day tasks tricky and painful.
    Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  2. brucewhitehead Says:

    thanks mannie… will tell her your kind thoughts. let’s blether anon.

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