BBC guilty on Savile, says ex. Murdoch man

20 December 2012

imagesHow apt that the person chosen to deliver the latest blow against the BBC, Nick Pollard, is a former employee of Rupert Murdoch. A few years ago, James Murdoch waded into the BBC and forced the closure of much of its excellent online output. Since News International’s public shaming we have seen no restoration of that excellent service, so the BBC’s leadership clearly still feel under the Murdoch cosh.

However, the report is far too easy on the complacent and internecine fiefdoms which spend licence payers money. Those responsible for the lapses, whether willful or not, should pay a price for their incompetence, or trust in BBC standards will indeed plummet.



Now that The Sun has been implicated in fabricating stories I look forward to it following the same fate as the News of the World. Perhaps tabloid journalism can revive in the vacuum, and return to the standards of Cudlipp and the decent journalism of a pre-monetarist Britain.


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